Broken Compass Tiki

Lettuce Cups


Lettuce • Cucumber Salad • Ponzu with your choice of 1 protein: Spam, Pork Tonkatsu, GF Fried Chicken, Sweet & Sour Cauliflower, or Misoyaki Cod.  

Lettuce and Rice Bowls:Sweet & Sour Cauliflower Fried Chicken (GF) Spam Pork Tonkatsu Misoyaki Cod Poke
Add a Side:Fries +$2Cole Slaw +$2Mixed Greens +$2Mac Salad +$2Tater Tots +$4Sweet Potato Fries +$4Onion Rings +$4Aloha Dippers +$4
Add A Seasoning? (Fries, Tots, Sweets, Onion Rings Only. $1):8 Spice +$1Buffalo +$1Cajun +$1Caribbean +$1Curry +$1Garlic +$1Salt n Vinegar +$1
Additional Dipping Sauces ($1):BBQ Sauce +$1Blue Cheese Dressing +$1Buffalo Sauce +$1Chipotle Citrus Aioli +$1Firecracker Sauce +$1Fry Sauce +$1Garlic Aioli +$1Garlic Chive Aioli +$1Hawaiian BBQ +$1Honey Mustard +$1House Ketchup +$1Miso Aioli +$1Ranch (Vegan) +$1Russian Dressing +$1Spicy Beer Mustard +$1Sriracha Aioli +$1Sweet & Sour +$1Sweet Thai Chili +$1Tartar Sauce +$1
Add Bacon?:Add Bacon +$2
Additional Excitement:Make It Sticky! +$2Add Fried Egg +$2Add Bacon +$2Add Avocado +$2Add Cheddar +$2Add American Cheese +$2